Saturday, October 11, 2014

"Two Men of the Hanging Tree" by Hatsune Miku (English lyrics)

On a hill, the Hanging Tree casts a shadow
Through the peeking sunlight, two men walk
Wearing gloomy expressions

A disturbing season joined the pots
naming the joining of stopping days, and a mirror
Meeting the inner lining of the other's eyes
Disagreeing over each matter
Phrases like, "Even in this refreshing wind, I feel displeasure"
He whispered that, but still depended on another's kindness
Though he still held his palm up to the sun
Everything has a constant

The Hanging Tree is asked,
"Is this our future, or a memorandum of our past?"
The old woman living in a nearby house kindly smiled,
"How about having some black tea?"

~Hopes interfered with a mirror and a miraculous suicide~

"Look there, the Hanging Tree is leading a smiling you(me) away"

The Hanging tree is asked,
"Is it happiness for one's self, or is it someone's crime?"
A perfectly moving clock will eventually break and stop
Like it did on that day
He wept at the faces that wouldn't disappear

What he grasped in his hands was an unclear vow
Even so, he drew and erased
The morning standing in his way
And the two took the rope.....

I don't own anything credit goes to creators of this song!

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